Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shelley the night before we take her back to the hospital.


Gail Conway Cook said...

Shelley if love were the factor that would make you well again you would have been well quite awhile back.Earl and I pray for you all the time. I know that God does live and He does hear us .My love for you will never diminish and for the wonderful son I have that cares for you.Love Mom Conway

tina keller said...

Shelley, i am so sad to hear that you had to go back to the hospital, we will join in on the fast for sunday that Mike mentioned on your blog. Just know that our prayers are with you every minute of every day, i would love to come to the hospital and talk missionary with you, Zac should get his call within the week, thats what Mike tells us. I remember asking you what it felt like when Taylor left, your response was less than enthusiastic to say the least, and then when Gannon left, not quite as bad, i think i am getting close to the Taylor feeling with Zac. let me know if you can have a visit. Love Tina Keller and family.

Duane said...

You are as pretty as ever and you have a bueatiful Family. I hope you know you are special and Our Heavenly Father loves you. Just seeing your family I can see you have accomplished great things already and there are great things that will come.

May God Bless you and your family forever. We Love you.
Duane Burt and Family
John Burt and Family

I wanted to share something with you to help you laugh because I know life is tough right now.

Seven Foot Lunch

Three genteel ladies went lunching
At a sophisticated hotel.
Their elevator door opened;
They gasped, and their faces fell.

A seven-foot man was inside,
With an intimidating expression.
They got in anyway;
They were the very souls of discretion.

"Sit!" the man yelled, and they sat,
In their luncheon finery,
They went up; then the door slid aside;
The man left, abashedly.

His dog had been behind him;
At lunch they got a note.
The basketball star paid their bill;
"My apologies, and my treat," he wrote.

Jan said...

Shelley & Mike;
Our prayers and best wishes are with you. What strength you both have to share your pain with us, Shelley with a smile, and Mike I can't imagine the hurt to sit in front of the computer and detail for us the suffering of the one you love so much. The length and depth of our trials determine the height and breadth of our legacy, yours is destined to be great. I can tell from all the comments to the blog that you have already touched and influenced many lives for the good. One of my heros has always been Spencer W. Kimball, as you know he endured and over came many trials as well, on his path to becoming one of Heavenly Father's choice servants. Father promises us that we will not be tested beyond that which we can endure. Sometimes our narrow focus of mortality doesn't allow for us to see his vision for us in eternity, continue your trust in the Lord, and keep the love you have of each other and your fellow man, and all will be well.

Jan and Kathy Larsen

Wallace's said...

My Mike has been out of town working for the past two months. He just read the update on Shelley and wanted me to send a message (Mike and Shelley) and let you know that we love your very much and pray for you. We pray for our Lord to bless you during this difficult time in your lives. We love your family.

Love, Mike & Debbie

Trina said...

Dearest Shelley and Michael, I was so sorry to hear that you had to go back to the hospital. I truly feel just like Jan when he talked about the strength that you both have and all the lives you have influenced through this very difficult and challenging time. I know you both have influenced my life for the better. Reading your remarks Michael and all the comments people have posted has helped me to remember what is most important in this life and why we are all here in the first place. My thoughts and my prayers and my love is with both of you and with all of your family. Thank you for giving Curtis and I the opportunity to fast for you Shelley and your family. May our Heavenly Father continue to be with you both and with your children.

kathe said...

Bahama Bucks Presents
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Concert for Cancer
Shelley Conway, mother of eight, an active
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The medical costs for her treatment is creating
additional burden for her loved ones. New age
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Roxie said...

Hey Shelly, this is Roxie. I can truly empathize with you. I have lymphoma and have been thru chemo and an intravenous radiation treatment. My oncologist is in Tucson at the UofA cancer center. My prayers are with you daily. Keep your faith strong. Music helped me a lot, Jesus Savior Pilot Me was one of my favorite. I will write again soon. Your family is beautiful! Love, Roxie

Sam & Jolene said...

Dear Shelley,

Our family wants you to know that we pray for you every day. We are so overwhelmed by your courage and strength. May the Lord be with you, Michael, and your children.

Malta said...

Fate of Our Life

God is in control of the fate of our life
Even before the time of our birth.
God knows the roads we'll stride
While walking upon this ole earth.

He knows the joys before they come
Heartaches and grievance to succumb.
The tears we cry the pains we bare
Yes, we know our Savior cares.

He knows our dreams, our adversities
He's always there, what ever our need.
In him the worries can't take their toll
While we're walking down life's road.

If we were given just one chance
To see how our future is paved?
Would we be strong and walk in faith
Or tremble with fear at the glance?

Who among us would be brave
If we knew what life had in store?
Would we be willing to accept our fate
Would we still ask for one day more?

No, we know not what lies on life's road.
Just seek the Lord to carry the load.
So, not knowing what may lie ahead
We live by faith and trust instead.
~Malta Nov. 2008~

Paula said...

Shelley, it was so great to see you at Lincoln's game--even though we did all freeze our booties off!! What an awesome family you have. I'm so grateful that we have you and your family in the lives of me and my family. I value your friendship and wisdom so much. You have always been one of those friends who I could tell all of the not-so-great things about myself and I never, ever felt judged by you. A friend like you is rare indeed. Love you---Paula:}

Carri said...

Michael and Shelley,

Just letting you both know your strength inspires me and that you are in my prayers.

Carri Stubblefield

Holly said...


Even though we have only know eachother for a short time, I have truly teasured getting to know you. Vaughn and Lincoln have become friends and it is nice to see Vaughn spend time with great boys like your son. My prayers are with you right now. I know that the Lord is aware of you and what you need. But more importantly I know that he loves you with all his heart. As do I.

Andrew said...

Dear Mike,
We are so sorry to hear about Shelley's passing. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very difficult time. We know the Lord will bless you and never leave your side. He promised us His peace, May it be with you always.
Larry & Patty Rollins and Family