Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Kristi said...

Hey Shelley you look MAH-VELOUS!!seriously! Thanks for posting a's encouraging to see you smiling and looking so good! (and your's FABULOUS!!) It sounds like things are looking up today. Hang in there! You continue to be in my thoughts.
love & hugs,
kristi kilger pulliam

Aurélie AKA Frenchie said...

Hey, Shelley. It's aurélie AKA Frenchie, you are looking really good, I'm thinking a lot about you, you know, I wrote you a letter, and asked Sara or becky to give it to you, I hope you will get it very soon. I love you, and your family.

Carrie said...

Only Shelley Conway can pull off looking this good in a Hospital gown.

Anonymous said...

Dear cuz Shelley-Marie,

Sending shiploads of positive energy across the Atlantic to you and to the sweet faces around you.

We agree with the other posters, you look great ... as you always have.

Hopefully Eldona passed on the slobbery kisses and the tight squeeze to you.

Smiles and love,
Harry and Angie

Sandy said...

Shelley, you are so beautiful on the outside and more important on the inside!

Anonymous said...

Ok Mrs. Hospital Gown America where is the tiara? I have a couple of questions for Mike. Where was the nuclear testing and what is included in the nutrition. Hopefully it includes a daily dose of Cheesecake factory delights.
When I can figure out how to send a picture, a photo-shopped copy will be attached.
Love you still, Susan from the state that can't run a valid election.

mark said...

Shelley: It's so good to see your picture. We love you!(70's talk)You are one tough chick, and you look foxy too.

It's good to read all these comments from your friends etc. A lot more have emailed me but I think they haven't figured out how to add comments to the blog yet.


Our Beutiful kids said...

I was so good to visit with you today! You look great! I want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We love your family so much! We will always have great memories of living on Mayberry Ct. I wish I was back there just across the street. Just know that I am not that far away! We love you!
The Randall Bunch
Carson, & Mallory

GoogleAds said...

Shelley, our entire class is thinking, praying, and fasting for you. We love you. RR

Bren's Life said...

Shelley: I have been thinking about you non stop since I heard. You look great. You have your hair curled & your smiling.. I bet the hospital is just getting so old & you wanna go home. I'm sorry!
If there is anything at all I can do for you - I truly mean it. Anything... Please call me or blog or email. I am willing to do what ever it is you may need.
Please don't hesitate to call. I'm just down the steet..

Martha said...

Dear Conway Family,
We appreciate you keeping us up-to-date with your daily blog entries; even though we know it is hard. We feel like we're fighting this right along with you! We think about you & pray for you every day, Shelley. Your deep-rooted faith & strength truly amaze us! You look so good in this picture, like you just stepped out of a salon! Wow. Hang in there & know that we love & support you all.
With love,
The Bigler Family
(Spencer, Martha, Devon & Molly)

Trina said...

Hi Shelley and Michael, I have been trying for days and days to post a comment but apparently you have to be smarter than the computer and I finally outwitted (is that a real word?) it! You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly ever since Mark emailed all of us from the "Fine Class of 79!" wasn't that our phrase we used to shout at the pep rallys to get the spirit stick? The good ol' days! Shelley- I was so happy to see your picture! As Kristi said, "You look MAH-VELOUS!" I have been reading Michael's post every evening when I get home from teaching my cute Native American preschoolers! Thanks for allowing us to keep updated Shelley and you and Michael and your family are loved very much- I can tell by all the comments that people have shared! I am coming down that way this weekend to play Grandma with my grandson. I would love to see you guys but I will call first and see if that is okay, if not that is fine. Please know we will keep praying for a quick recovery and a clean bill of health for you Shelley! You are an amazing woman!