Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shelley with new style days before it all falls out


Bren's Life said...

Shelley you look Beautiful! You always have been & you always will be.
My heart just aches for you & all this that your going through. My family will not be able to make it to the car wash due to Tyler is getting baptized. But we want to donate $. I will go to Wells fargo.

The Haggartons said...

Shelley, you still look gorgeous!
Mike, is there still strict visiting hours? I have been hesitant to come again because I don't want to take precious time away from family? Maybe you can let us know in your next update. Again, thank you so much for doing the blog, it is great to be able to log on and read the latest update and see the pics, otherwise some of us would be going crazy. Love you guys!

gray-gang said...

You look amazing! I love seeing you smile! You made my week just by hearing you laugh last night! You looked so great! I am so thankful you are not having side effects with the chemo. I will continue to keep you in my prayers that this chemo will be effective AND that you will continue to not have side effects. You are such a beautiful person and I really love being around you-you are truly one of a kind, such an amazing person! I love you Shelley! Hang in there! :)
-Jenny Gray

Britt said...

What a great haircut on you!
hugs, Britt

Paula said...

Shelley--I love the new do and I love seeing the smile on your face! So grateful you are not having too much trouble with the chemo side effects--lots of prayers answered there. Hang in there--we love you guys! Oh yeah--I've got that Higley game tape I'm going to bring over, but prepare yourself--it's ugly :)

wlibrarian said...

Hi, Shelly! You are in my prayers. I don't know if you remember me, but I remember you. Debbie Wallace keeps in touch and told me about you.I'll keep up the prayers and you keep smiling.
Love ya,
Walta Evans
Dimmitt, Texas in the Panhandle

Carol said...

Hi Aunt Shelley,
We love you very very much!!! We like your new hair cut. We think you would look pretty even with no hair at all. :) We are praying, you come home soon.
Love and Hugs and Kisses,
Kayleen and Camryn

Lori Breon said...

Shelley, Our family's thoughts and prayers are continually with you and your family. I just think the world of you. We'll keep praying that you can go home soon. (Those hospital beds aren't the most comfortable things.) :)
With Love,
The Breon Family

strongmom said...

Julie, Marlin's little sister here, My mom (GG) read your blog and wanted to send her love. She says you are beautiful as always.