Friday, October 24, 2008

My favorite girls


Gail Conway Cook said...

Michael I have my book on nutritional healing and my book saysthat raw almonds are a must eat ten of them every day. Also eat onions and garlic. Drink steam distilled water only.Eat lots of deep orange and yellow vegetables.Includes cantaloupe,carrots,yams.I believe that eating helps if it is the right kind.Find the book I gave you .Love Mom

Gail Conway Cook said...

What a beautifup threesome you make. OK Michael... when you give Shelley the yams be sure they are mashed up with butter ans salt and pepper on them. They should taste GOOD. Those onions and garlic should be cut small so she won't have to taste them forever after. Give her something she likes and something the bad guys ( cancer) won't like ...Love Mom

TheShumWAYS said...

Wow everyone is so grown up from the last time we saw you! What a gorgeous family! Thanks for posting the pictures:)
We're thinking about you and praying for you always! Hope you have as good of day as possible!

Wallace's said...

Mike and Shelley,

Love the family pictures. We're so glad that you put them on. Your family has grown since the days of Granite Reef Ward and Brittney's hair color has changed too. It took a second to realize that was her. You continue to be in our prayers and we appreciate the updates that you give. Please know that we love your family very much and hope for the best outcome on this. Have a great day Shelley and remember to eat. You need to keep good stuff going in, especially with the chemo treatments. Give your family our love.
The Wallace Family

Wallace's said...

I just noticed your family picture was taken at the same exact spot that ours was. The rock the Brittney has her arm on is the same rock that Coty has his arm on. That is too funny. Good ol' Val Vista Lakes.

Smiles, Debbie

M 'n M Allen said...

We just wanted to let you know how much we love you. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for all you have done for us. We cant wait 'til you get the chance to go home.
Love Matt and Kenna

Anson said...

Hi Shelly and Mike!
I thought I should just write and tell you that your nephew Anson and his family, Kuriko,Jessica,Isaac,Noah,Andrew,and Kiana, are praying for you always in Japan. The children never miss a prayer where they don't forget to pray for their Aunt Shelly. Kuriko has put your name in the Tokyo Temple as well. We are so amazed at how big all of your kids have gotten. I guess there are some of them we haven't even met. I wish we could see the whole family and give you all a hug.
Love the Russells

Jennifer Fenn-Boni said...

Hey Shelly,Your family is beautiful!I enjoyed looking at alol your photos.I have a niece that married a Smeltser,mabe we're related!I am going to find out where your at and come see you.Dr. Cavelcant is my Dad's Dr. he's the best.Love ya!