Friday, October 10, 2008

Shelley wanted me to start by thanking everyone for the kind and loving comments to her blog not counting all the flowers, cards, visitors, phone calls, and selfless service and prayers on her and our family's behalf. I have been truly amazed at how much of a difference it makes. Thank you all.

Thursday morning we met with the Dr Calvacant (cancer). It has been difficult for Shelley to hear what she has to go through let alone the possibility that it won't work. Calvacant let her know on Thursday that she has a 50/50 chance that the chemo will be effective. This was a very emotional thing for her to hear because of the experience that she had gone through with her mother some years ago with the same thing. Calvacant scheduled the chemo for 3pm. After he left we felt uneasy about the chemo that had just been scheduled. We called the Dr and asked him to postpone it for a day to give us time to bring our older kids in to discuss and pray about what we should do. It was a very spiritual meeting with our children. Shelley and I cried after the meeting because we have been blessed with such wonderful children. The decision was to move forward the following day with Chemo. By 10am this morning we understood why we were prompted to postpone. Calvacant with the other doctors had been going over the various tests that had been run and were concerned with Shelley because she has been experiencing problem with her sight, hearing and speech. Today they found something called vegetation on her heart. Calvacant said if we had done the Chemo he would have not been able to treat it and that the problem would have worsened. I am so thankful that the spirit had prompted us and many other to have us wait. They are now treating her for the problem with her heart and will schedule the chemo to start next wed or Thurs. Being that it is fast Sunday this week for many of you she has asked if we could fast for her and maybe more specific for the spots that they have found on her brain. Thank you

Again thanks for all of you that have kept Shelley in your prayers I know that it has made a difference. This weekend I will try to answer some of you questions that some of you have been asking.


mark said...

Dear Shelley and Mike: I can only imagine what you are going through. I pray for you all the time. When you are ready I'd like to visit.
You are blessed to have great kids. That is what life is all about. As you go through these dark trials you can look to your kids for your light and your joy.
If you need us to do anything for you, just let us know.

Mark and Family.

mark said...

When my Dad was little, he had a trial. I think he told you about it. Once, when he was out delivering newspapers, he was being chased by Injuns. He rode his bike as fast as he could to the edge of a canyon. His pet red racer snake "old Red" let him hold on to his tail as Dad flung his head to the other side of the canyon. Old Red sunk his teeth into a tree on the other side of the canyon. Dad rode his bike across Old Red like a tight rope across the canyon, thus narrowly escaping a sure scalping.
Just wanted you to laugh.

Aurélie AKA Frenchie said...

Dear Shelley, Mike and the kids. You succeed in life you have an amasing family, I love you, and same if I'm far from you, if I can do anything let me know. Lot of love

Karen said...

We too, like everyone else are praying so hard for you guys. This cancer is crazy! You are now the 6thfamily that we know and love that have to go thru this horrible stuff! Our kids have had a huge reality check since they found out about this. It has hit them since they know you and your kids so well. We love you and pray Heavenly Father will lift you and help you thru this difficult trial. Tell Brittany I said hi too. Love the Kendalls

Lisa said...

I know Shelley from my home town, I am so sorry to hear about Shelley's illness. We will keep her and your family in our prayers. Please let us know if we can help. Lisa (hatch) Larson