Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our 3rd son Colter (17 year old senior)needed to see his Mother just before his football game. Yes they won, go Higley


Gail Conway Cook said...

So he won his game . Now we all knew he would...Shelley you look beautiful with that hansome son beside you. Sure like to seee your smile. Love you all lots...Mom

Carrie said...

What a sweet picture!

Paula said...

Good Job Colter! How about that Lincoln getting a touchdown in the JV game--go Williamsfield! I've got some pics of Lincoln for you. I'll bring them by soon. Sure do love you and love your family. Stay strong and keep fighting, my sweet friend. You're my hero!

Vonda said...

OK, how blessed you are to have so many sweet sons! I would take just one. We are praying for your exit from the hospital next week - we will bring the get-away car and lets get you home:-)

Anonymous said...

hey Aunt Shelly
Our Family is Praying for you?!
We love you very much!
Colter Is such a great boy for you?!
We love you !
Our prayers are always there for you
Carl,Emma,Micah,Keeley & Charee
The Russell Family

Sandra said...

We loved the photos. Congratulations Colter since it wasn't Queen Creek.
Our prayers continue to be with all of you. We love you.
Gannon is serving on his mission during this difficult time. I know how difficult that is.
I found that through every struggle back home, I would teach a family in the mission field who was having a very similar struggle; it was the Lords way of letting me be there for others. When I could not be with those I ached to be with, help, and see, I served them. I gained an incredible testimony of his love for me and my family and others in our earthly family. I know God protects missionaries. I also know it can be difficult.
Our love prayers and thoughts will always be with you.
Love Sandra

heather said...

you have an amazing family and i am so greatful for all that you have done.i am keeping you in my prayers... hey best friend =] thats for colter lol