Monday, October 13, 2008

The Conway brothers and sisters are holding a donation car wash in behalf of Shelley. The proceeds of the car wash will help with medical costs in fighting this terrible cancer. We also felt this would be a great way for everyone to get involved in showing love and support for Shelley and her awesome family. The car wash is this Saturday, October 18th from 7:00 a.m. until the cars stop coming!!!! Location is 3470 E. Mayberry, Gilbert (this is Mike and Shelley's cul-de-sac)., Northeast corner of Higley and Queen Creek Rd. Thank you to Coronado Ranch for allowing us to have it there. If you have any questions you can contact: Carol Smelser at 602.309.7052 or 480.988.9557 or Connie Shumway at 602.628.8101 or 480.988.3073.
Thank you to everyone,
Carol Smelser


Trina said...

Hi Shelley and Michael, I was so thankful to see you Michael and your beautiful daughter Britney today. I recognized her right away- she looks a lot like her mom! I just got back home and checked your blog and saw the information about the carwash. Thanks for letting us know about that! I cried almost all the way back home today thinking about all the pain Shelley is going through after visiting with Britney for a bit. I will be praying for Shelley's pain to ease up and I am so sorry you are going through this Shelley. I have been reading all the posts and it just reaffirms all the love others have for you Shelley and Michael and your family! I was trying to think of a funny story from high school (you know, to be one up on Mark!) and one of the things I remember was you and Kristi wearing your matching t-shirts that said "Busted" across your you-know-where! The boys did love that! It made me think of a time when I went on a field trip as a parent helper with our oldest daughter in JC and we were about an hour on the road and all of sudden I realized that I didn't even have my you-know-what on! Apparently, I wasn't "Busted" enough to need one but I made Glenna's dad who was our bus driver (and was also our bishop at the time!) stop at the closest Wal-Mart so I could run in and buy one and I remember the kids getting all bent out of shape because they couldn't get off the bus and when I got back on the bus I heard several of them say, "She didn't even get anything!" So, I guess I didn't need that you-know-what after all! Ha Ha
Shelley, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

renita said...

Happy late 25th anniversary! (April 29th). Hello from Renita and David. Shelley you are in our prayers and we have fasted with your family. Sorry we can't come to the car wash. Oregon is a little far away to get a clean car! Michael, if you could post a mailing address, we'd still love to contribute. I read LuAnne's post and I remember the Keams Canyon summer. I should send pictures!!
We pray and wish for the best.
Renita and David

DonnaShelley said...

Dear Shelley. Your Uncle Clark and I send our love from Oregon. It's been a long time since we've seen you but can still see your beautiful smile. We, too, fasted for you and pray for you every day. I know Renita put your name in the Portland temple & I called it into LA also. Heavenly Father has been hearing your name a lot lately - He must be impressed at how many people love you.
Keep smiling darlin'

Jan said...

Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you and have you and your family in our prayers here in South Dakota as well. I called and put your name on the list in the winter quarters temple as well. This Saturday when Kathy and I are there we will offer an extra prayer as well. All things, including healing miracles are possible through Christ, we are praying for one for you. Thanks to Mike for keeping us all up to date and to Mark for sharing this blog address with the whole class of 79 Our love and prayers go out to you and your family.

Jan & Kathy Larsen

Kristine said...

Hi Shelley.
I hope this is a good day. Do you have an email address to send you a letter?

Aurélie AKA Frenchie said...

It's a goog idea, I wish I coulb be there to help you.
Good luck, you guys are raising moutains !!

Anonymous said...

Mike. Thanks for being such a great husband. How wonderful it is getting to know those you and Shelley have touched through every phase of your lives. From cheering at a high school game to being a supportive football mother, the positive energy given has made its way around the golden ring and back right where it belongs. Just like that ring, the love we have for you is eternal. Before all those positive vibes get mushy GPWY.
Love you, cousin Susan

Anonymous said...

Dear Shelley and Mike, and the sweet faces who surround you,

We´re sending positive energy for your hearts and sunshine for the car wash.

Big smiles from the German Chapter of the Shelley Conway Admiration Club!

Harry and Angie

Kristi said...

Leave it to Trina to never forget our matching "Busted" shirts! (Thanks Trina!) It sure brought back memories. Of course it was all innocent then..."Busted!" was a popular sound bite, meaning something other than what it implied on the front of you and I. Can you believe we wore those? And that your sweet, sweet mother allowed us to have them made? I got alot of stares, as I'm sure you did...mostly from horrified older women, and lots of other looks too (mostly grins and winks)!! It took me awhile to figure that out (always slow to pick up on those SUBTLE innuendos!), but eventually I realized it lacked the ZING without you being "busted" beside me, and that together we were totally "Busted" but alone we were just "busty!" (and seriously, can you imagine FORGETTING to wear your "you-know-what", as Trina says, out the front door, let alone on a school bus??? How does that happen Trina?) Which brings me to this: Shelley, you have a huge and wonderful support system (I'm talking PEOPLE here!), with so much love for you. Your strength, grace, and humor stand out, and I hope the love and support surrounding you will ease your pain and continue to give you strength throughout this ordeal. You are constantly in my thoughts and I check this blog regularly for updates, and to see your smile. Hang in there!
Love & Hugs,
kristi kilger pulliam