Sunday, October 5, 2008


Shelley has had every conceiveable exam possible, MRI, EKG,CT Scans. She currently has a mass in her lung and a biopsy has been done. We are currently waiting on the results of that biopsy, which should be here on Monday. The Oncologist is fairly certain that it is a malignant tumor that has possilby spread to her brain, liver, spleen, kidney, and uterus. There is no diagnosis yet until we have the results back from the biopsy. We're hoping to change hospitals and be with a team of oncologists at Banner Desert. We tried to make this happen on Sunday, but because Shelley is menstruating, currently no hospital will admit her. Our hope is that if the oncologist at Desert will take her, they will admit her.

We were able to call Gannon's mission president with the help of Giovanni Buendia, being that the mission president only speaks spanish. He thought it would be o.k. that I talk to Gannon personally. Gannon has been praying for Shelley all week, and understands that Shelley can receive more blessings with him diligently serving the Lord. His mission president also told me that in the short 6 weeks he's been in the field, his spanish is every bit as good as a missionary that has been out for 6 months.

We are hoping to update this blog on a day to day basis so that everyone can keep her in their prayers.

Thank you all for your love and support and all the wonderful service that has been done for our family. The kids have eaten very well this week and also thanks to the sisters in the ward that understand that men have no idea how to use curling iron to do a little girl's hair!!


Annie said...

wow! I just wanted to know why menstrating would have anything to do with a hospital admitting anyone? What if they have a rod sticking out of their head, oh but they're menstrating so they won't take her. They better have a gosh darn good reason for that! There are no words that can express the grief that comes from something this devestating! I just hope and pray Shelley will be strong! We love you all!
Anne, Jimmy, Lorien and Vanessa Stevens

Dietze family said...

Just wanted to let you know we have been fasting and praying for your family and Shelley. We love you all.
Some who have called or I have spoken with are Lisa, Kristine, Diana, Gaylene, Gordon, Sheri Dawna They all were concerned about All of you and wanted to know how Shelley is doing.
I will refer them to this blog.
All new about the fast and on Sunday your family was remembered by many.
We love you.
Derek, Sandra, Alea, Maranda, Mira, Isaac, and Mark.

Doran & Jody said...

We are fasting and praying for your family. We will continue to keep you in our prayers!!
We love you all!
Doran & Jody