Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am finding it very difficult to express in words how I feel with all the love and friendship that has been poured out upon Shelley and our family, thank you so much. It has been a new experience to be on the receiving end and I have been humbled. I have now been at the bedside of Shelley everyday for 4 weeks. She is my best friend and I truly love her. I see that this is also true by many of you through your visits, email, call, comments on this site, and service. This past month has given Shelley and I an opportunity to talk about so many things. Its amazing how much communication two people can have when they are locked away in a 100 square foot room. Everyone should try it, just without the cancer. I wish that the news about Shelley would be better. She received the Chemo 8 days ago. We weren't sure how her body would react to the Chemo. Those of you that don't know, Chemo kills all the good that you have in your body while trying to kill what is bad (cancer). So far Shelley has not lost her hair. They are telling us that could still happen. The list of problems that she is experiencing are just to long to write. It almost seems that there is a new set of problems everyday. I started to list all of the things that have happen this last week but for me it was just to difficult to write let alone read. I hope you all understand. I have had to be hard on Shelley this week to make sure she eats enough. She has added Essiac tea, Frequinsea, and Sunrider to her diet which we hope will increase her strength . They have her on so many medications and drugs I can't even list them let alone pronounce them. Our hope and prayer is that she will be able to return home next week. Please help us with your prayers that Shelley will be able to return home next week.

Thanks again for all the nice comments everyone has put on the Blog. It does make Shelley smile, cry, laugh and say wow I was wondering how they were doing. Its been amazing to see the many people around the world that have been praying for and are concerned about Shelley.


The Haggartons said...

Shelley and Mike,
Your family is so beautiful! I'm glad you are able to get a feeling of how wonderful you are and how much you and your family mean to so many people. We are praying for you all, and will pray that Shelley is able to come home next week. Shelley, even though I am older than you, I have looked up to you as an example in so many ways. You have shared with me bits of wisdom and advice with regards to our kids, the gospel, and young women. You are a pillar (not just because you are tall), and you are an inspiration to so many.
Love, Shelly

Kristi said...

Mike, I'm so glad you've been at Shelley's side through all of this...she needs her best friend more than anyone right now. She's had many good friends, always, and we're all with her in spirit. It's nice to have you in our place when we can't be there. Please give her a hug from me, and tell her I love her. Thank you for keeping us updated, and thank you for being there for Shelley.
love & hugs,
kristi kilger pulliam

Randall Bunch said...

Mike & Shelley-
Mike thank you so much for updating us on Shelley. She has been in my thoughts everyday. I want you to know that we are praying for you and your family. I miss being right across the street on Mayberry Ct. I have so many memories of those days that I will never forget. Just to name one! I remember the day that I decided to clean out my frig and dump a bunch of cooked rice down my disposal. Yes it clogged my sink bad! The next thing I knew Shelley & I were down on my kitchen floor and she was showing me how to take apart the plumbing to get out the rice. WE DID IT!! We were the best plumbers Gilbert had that day! I learned that day just how strong Shelley is and how she just puts her mind to things and they are done. I love her for that! She is a great friend! WE have been influenced by your family and we love you!!
Love The Randall Bunch

Sgt. K said...

Shelly and Mike,
We have put your name in the Temple and continue praying for you all. I was glad to hear that you are taking frequency. My sister had cancer and tried many things and is sure that the frequency is what made the difference. In fact she is cancer free right now and travels with that company sharing her story. She tried it as a blind study in Utah and then found out what is was later...then found the company last year. Any way it gave us hope and results then...I hope it gives you the strength you need to keep fighting. We love you all. Keep the blog going, it is so helpful for us to know how you are without feeling like we are bothering you. Love, The Koozer's

Anonymous said...

it's a beautiful family you have. Shelley, i love you and i think of you EVERY single day. Plain and simple....
Michelle LeBlanc

Joanna Layton said...

We are praying every day that Shelley will get strong enough to go home and be close to her family. Hang in there guys!

Trina said...

Hi Shelley & Mike, What a beautiful family you have! I haven't seen all of your family since our 25th Class Reunion! Boy Shelley, I thought Britney looked a lot like you but Coleen definitely looks like you! I have been praying that each one of you will be strengthened each day and I will definitely be praying for you Shelley to be able to come home to be with your family! Mike, what a wonderful husband you are! I know Shelley knows how lucky she is to have you by her side! Shelley, you keep fighting and eat your food (even if it is that "lovely" hospital food!)- That is an order!
All My Love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. We think of your family everyday and you are in our constant prayers. Know we love you!! Corry & Heather Johnson

Lynette said...

Shelley and Mike,
We had the honor of meeting you both for the first time at a farewell for Jason G. in your home.
Our son Chase is close to Gannon and frequented your home quite often. He loves your family. We felt the spirit in your home that day and we had wished we had met you both sooner. We found out about Shelly's struggles about 3 weeks ago and she has been in our prayers ever since. Our daughter has been communicating with Colter on Shelly's progress, and just found out about this blog a few days ago, it gives us an
opportunity to let you both know that although we don't know you very well, we feel we know you through Chase. You are loved and you are in our thoughts and prayers. Chase sends his love and is diligently fasting and praying for Shelly as well. It is our hope that Shelly will be able to be released soon. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do for your family.
Bill and Lynette Speroni