Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Shelley was transferred to Banner Desert last night, thanks to everyone for their prayers to help make this happen. They have a wonderful oncology department with one of the best oncology doctors in the state. Tomorrow we will find out if we can do radiation on the tumor in her brain, then do chemo on the rest of the areas in her body. Please keep Shelley in your prayers that they will be able to do this Radiation. There is some good news. Gilbert Mercy misdiagnosed the tumors in her uterus. There are none. The bleeding she was experiencing actually was caused because of the cancer to her liver, which caused a extra long menstrual cycle. The bleeding does appear to be slowing which is good news. The doctor will be giving us his final options tomorrow and I will post his prognosis. Shelley has become more stable and we should find out tomorrow if she may be able to come home soon. If the doctor sees that the leasions to her brain can be helped by radiation she should start that as well as chemo next week. When this does happen she will need a lot of help.

They are saying that more than likely the cancer started in her lung. There are basically 3 ways you can get this kind of cancer. 1. smoking, 2. being exposed to 2nd hand smoke, and 3. being exposed to nuclear testing. I have read that the last nuclear testing was done in July of 1962. It is amazing that Shelley woud have only been 1 year old and that it has taken this long to manifest itself.

We thank everyone for all of their kind words and for all the visits to the hospital. We do plan to fight this thing. I was talking to a Sis in our Stake that is going through the same thing but 3 months in front of us. I agree with her on our fight with this thing. 1st have faith, 2nd Radiation, 3rd Chemo, 4th Nutrition. Thanks again to everyone for their Love and Concern it has truly helped Shelley. Also the comments to this blog has been uplifting as well as giving her a few chuckles.


Bren's Life said...

Your family is in our prayers & please let us know if there is anything at all that we can do for you..

gray-gang said...

I was so happy to see you tonite! I am glad you are in Banner Desert and I am so thankful you are under the care of Dr. Calvacant! He is an amazing doctor, I feel confident that you are in good hands with him!!
Shelley-I dont think you could ever know how important you and your family are to us! We have always thought of you as our own family. You are a constant inspiration to me! You are truely the most Christ-like person I have ever met! Thank you for all your constant words of advice, thank you for loving our family, thank you for being such a wonderful exampe to me, thank you for always being positve and happy and for sharing your sweet smile and you contagious laughter, thank you for sharing your family with us, you are an amazing woman! I will continue to be praying and fasting for you and your sweet family! Please have Mike or Haley put me to work...even if it is yelling at stupid nurses...I can do that real good! :)
-Jenny Gray

Ron said...

Conway Family,

My sister Jolene Fisher informed me of Shelley's illness and while I am a few years removed from life in AZ, know that many through family and friend connections are praying for Shelley and your family. May the Lord bless you as you confront this winable situation. All the best to you and your extended family.

Ron & Janice Hansen
Woodbury, MN

Tyler said...

Conway Family,
We feel terrible you guys have to go through this. You are in out constant thoughts and prayers!

-Tyler & Kristy

Jill Wright said...

We want you to know that we are willing to do anything to help your family at this time. Shelley, I loved being at girls camp with you when we were in Windmill Ward. You are such a talented lady, and I look up to you so much. Your family is in our prayers. Love,
Jeremy and Jill Wright

Maryann said...

I'm so glad that you got transferred to Desert. Hopefully things will go better for you there. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting and let us know what we can do to help. Do you want us to smuggle any goodies, books, magazines or game books in to you? One of the worst parts of being in the hospital is the boredom so please let me know what you want! Keep fighting!
Love, the Noordas

Doran & Jody said...

We are rootin' and praying for you Shelley and Mike!!! May our Heavenly Father bless you with comfort and fight.

Doran & Jody

Debbue said...


Our prayers are with you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. We love you guys. This has been hard to believe. We just saw you at Matt Daniel's house in August and you were as beautiful as ever (Debbie wrote this not Mike). Mike, please don't hesitate to call us for anything.
Mike & Debbie Wallace & Family

Sandy said...

Shelly and Michael I love you so much and all of your family. Over the years you have lifted me and helped me with trials. I hope I can do that for you! This life if a test but it is also a glorious privilege. Remember there is a "happy ending"! Love, your sister Sandra

Kim said...

Shelley and Mike,
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You are such good friends to me and are absolutely a blessing to all who know you. Together, you can do anything.

Kim Scouller

Quincy said...

You and your family are in our prayers constantly. Please know that we are just a few doors away and we are happy to do ANYTHING for your family. Your children are always welcome in our home.
Bryan & Quincy Nelson

Aussie Sue said...

Shelley, I am so grateful for you and your friendship. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life right now. You have always been so full of advice, support and kindness - I just hope I can give some of that back now. You are a champion with many blessings - and many friends. You can do anything you put your mind to, Lord willing. You have so many friends and family who support you because you helped and supported them through their best and worst of times. The Lord is all knowing and merciful. Just have faith in Him - He knows the Plan better than we do.....