Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shelley says that time is flying when you're having fun, ha ha. Thanks to everyone that has included Shelley in your prayers. Our testimony and faith in prayer has been strengthen this week with some of the miracles that we have seen. Shelley had a very difficult Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. By Monday she had developed blood clots in her legs and right lung, it felt like an emergency room when they found out. They put in whats called a filter in one of her veins to prevent anymore clots going to her lungs. The filter is kind of like an umbrella that traps the clots. What I understand now is that because of the cancer her blood does some kind of thickening. They needed to draw blood 3 times before that were able to test it because it coagulated so fast. They can not use a blood thinner because of the mets/infection that she has in her brain. They said there would be to much risk of bleeding in the brain. On Monday she was also told that if she was not having all these other problems that she would be on the operating table right now fixing her heart value. The doctors were split on a decision to start chemo. A couple wanted to wait and see what the antibiotics were going to do but Calvacant pretty much said we can't wait. They compromised and started chemo Wednesday afternoon. I think that because of prayer and a blessing that she received that the chemo so far has had very little side effects. Calvacant has said that within a week she should loss all of her hair. For that reason we had Candis, her niece, come over and cut her hair. See picture. She figured if it was going to fall out anyhow we might as well make it shorter. I thought it looked awesome. Because of the other complications that she has had they will not even think about releasing her until next week. They have moved her back to the cancer floor of the hospital. She has now been in 5 different rooms in 11 days. Because of her heart they wanted her on the cardio floor. For those that were wondering about her heart, a majority of the doctors believe that cancer has spread to her heart which has caused a valve problem. This is very hard to diagnose due to the heart moving when imaging tries to take a picture.

Shelley wanted me to give everyone her love and thanks. Especially to Haley McCall (she is like our 3rd daughter that we never had) she has spent almost every night with Shelley. Shelley says that she is one of those people that you just feel comfortable going the bathroom in front of. I know that doesn't sound like a compliment but it is. She truly loves her. Also thanks to Marie Chase for coming down from Utah. Sometimes it is not just about the body but also emotion, spirit, and mental that can put this thing all together. That is what Marie does for Shelley. She and her family have been very close and dear to us. It is hard to tell about all the little things that people have done. When I come home and the clothes have been washed, folded and put away; I wake up and someone has dropped off muffins for breakfast; the lawn cut and seeded and landscape trimmed (thanks M. Jensen); when the kids get home from school they have fresh bread out of the oven waiting for them; women that leave their family to make sure Coleen hair is ready for school, and many many more thank you all.


tina keller said...

Shelley, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the hair, you totally should jump on it and get a wig just like it before anyone forgets what it looks like, you look so young and hip (not that you weren't before) but you know what a good cut and color can do for us girls with too much gray before we are ready for it! you are simply radiant! Funny story: Ian came home from YM on wed. & was telling me about their time at the culinary institute, i guess Lincoln is still crazy Lincoln (which is GREAT!) Ian said he lit the straw wrapper on fire with the candle at the table and then put it out by dumping a glass of water on it, right in front of the waitor, i laughed for five minutes, i was just so happy to hear happy times with the youth. We love Lincoln and all your family, thinking & praying for you every minute of every day. Love you, Tina Keller

Sandy said...

Shelley, Oh my gosh, you look so cute! I love your new haircut! You look so happy in the picture. I have not stopped praying for you from day one of all this. There is a country song that says:
My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to, your dreams stay big, your worries stay small, you never need to carry more than you can hold, and while you're out there getting where you're getting to, I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too, Yeah, this, is my wish!

Leiann said...

I am not sure you even know who I am. I am Randy Fishes wife. I use to go to Joe City (25 years ago) and hang out with everyone your age. I remember you as a very beautiful girl. You were always very kind to me. (I was the outsider so that was great).

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Know that God is watching over you. He will hear your prayers and ours, and he will answer them. He loves you and your family.
Thanks for letting us be apart of this Blog.
Randy & Leiann Fish

Jen said...

Hi Shelley. I just received the link to your blog today and the news of your cancer as well.

My heart and thoughts have been focused on you all afternoon - my amazing Aunt (my favorite Aunt too, but don't tell anyone).

You look beautiful and radiant in the midst of all this. And the short hair cut makes you look super chic!

I am a bit at a loss for words - or at least the right words. You will be in all my prayers - morning, noon, night and all the little ones throughout the day.

Tons of love,
Jen Shelley Hale

Gail Conway Cook said...

It was so very good to see all the family at the car wash as well as at Carol's last night. Especially Mike and children. Shelley you were there smiling thru all of your children. Ihope you will see that I am young and foxy riding on the scooter (which I think belongs to Coleen) at the car wash.I sure love all of you very much..Mom Conway